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We are Julian and Natasha Collison, an ordinary family living near Liskeard. We have made the step of running our family vehicles on biodiesel, a clean burning, carbon neutral fuel made from vegetable oil.

In our case we produce our biodiesel from used cooking oil (UCO), otherwise known as waste vegetable oil (WVO). This is much kinder for the environment since it does not compete with food production and also recycles waste oil that would otherwise become an environmental problem. 

We are not a commercial company. We do not sell fuel and we do not make profits. Our fuel is used solely to power our own family vehicles.

We are looking for supplies of used cooking oil and will pay you for allowing us to collect your waste oil. Being a non commercial operation, we are more than happy to make small collections of a single drum as and when required. Of course we are also happy to collect larger amounts and to organise regular collections at your convenience.

Whilst it is generally commercial outlets such as cafes, restaurants, pubs and fast food outlets which use oil in quantity, we are also happy to collect from schools, hospitals, care homes and even domestic premises.

We are fully licensed by the Environment Agency as waste carriers and will issue of duty of care waste transfer note for each collection. These should be retained by you and can be used to evidence that your waste is being disposed of legally and responsibly.

We offer payment for used cooking oil at a standard rate of 10p per litre of oil (equating to 2 per full 20 litre drum) but are happy to negotiate. All we ask is that your oil is of animal or vegetable origin (not motor oil) and not full of water, soap or vinegar. 

Please contact us with any queries or to arrange a collection. We both have full time jobs but will endeavour to answer your query as soon as possible, normally the same day.


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